January 2013 – CEMA Founded

March 2013 – First general meeting at the amusement Expo, volunteers for board members solicited

June 2013 – CEMA established as a CA non-profit, public benefit corporation

July 2013 – Officers were voted on and approved / $10k was appropriated for the defense of Amusement Games Trust

August 2013 – Mission statement was formulated

September 2013 – Northern California meeting was planned to unite northern and southern operators under

October 2013 – Meeting held in NorCal and Mission statement was adopted

October 2013 CEMA pays first portion, $5,000 of its $10,000 commitment to the Amusement Trust

November 2013 Determination was made to hold a Spotlight show as a state show

December 2013 invitations, work on booth spaces, and show sponsorship began for the Spotlight show

January 2014 First Spotlight show and general membership meeting was held – AMOA leadership in attendance

February 2014 CEMA Board attended the AMOA state association meeting in Florida/ 2014 objectives laid out

March 2014 In-person board meeting was held in La Mirada, CA / A CEMA holds a sponsored luncheon at the Amusement Expo.

April 2014 CEMA focuses on its bylaws and its stand on the Amusement Trust efforts on the AB1103 crane prize limitation issue

May 2014 CEMA-CAPA-Amusement Trust meeting on AB1103. CEMA pays remainder of its $10,000 to the Amusement Trust

June 2014 – CEMA board holds a teleconference to discuss its independent position on AB1103

July 2014Bylaws were finished and approved / committees were formalized / strategies were formed and goals set forth

August 2014Newsletter format agreed on and newsletter campaign began

October 2014 – CEMA approves and publishes a crane / merchandiser best practices document

November 2014 – Planning begins on the 2015 Spotlight show in January 2015

January 2015CEMA holds its second annual Spotlight show and membership meeting with even more participation than 2014

March 2015 – CEMA holds a member luncheon at the Amusement Expo

April 2015 – Work begins on a sticker for members to apply to their skill-based machines